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How does the PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator work to enhance N-O production?

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The PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator makes use of a multi-pronged approach to enhance in vivo Nitric Oxide production. The central approach of the PRIME supplement is to make use of the natural physiological process by which the body converts nitrate and nitrite to Nitric Oxide. PRIME maximizes endogenous Nitric Oxide production by:

• Increasing the availability of Nitric Oxide precursors. PRIME ingredients contain high levels of nitrate and nitrite, which the body converts into N-O. Excess nitrate and nitrite are stored in cells, creating a reserve pool that can be accessed to synthesize more Nitric Oxide when levels drop.

• Facilitating the conversion of nitrate into nitrite. Although the body naturally contains anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity and gastrointestinal system, PRIME supplements these existing bacteria with 600 million colony-forming units of bacterial strains that are equipped to convert nitrate into nitrite. This increases the amount of nitrite available for synthesis of Nitric Oxide.

• Enhancing the efficiency of the conversion of nitrite to Nitric Oxide. PRIME contains ingredients that have high nitrite reductase activity, increasing the speed and efficiency with which N-O is created from available nitrite. This ensures that the body can quickly produce Nitric Oxide and maintain high levels over a sustained period of time.


What makes PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator unique?

Although there are several other Nitric Oxide supplements on the market, the PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator provides several benefits over its alternatives.

The key differentiator of PRIME over existing supplements is that PRIME is the only supplement to engage multiple pathways in the body to produce Nitric Oxide, not just L-arginine.


Benefits of using the PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator include:

• PRIME contains all-natural ingredients.

• The proprietary blend of ingredients is specially formulated to optimize N-O production and restore balanced levels of N-O.

• PRIME supplements nitrate levels rather than only providing L-arginine to stimulate N-O production.

• PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator contains special ingredients that boost nitrite reductase activity, enhancing conversion of nitrite into N-O.

• The product contains several strains of oral probiotics, required for the conversion of nitrate to nitrite.

• PRIME makes use of a novel N-O Instant Indicator, the first scientific measurement of total body Nitric Oxide availability.

Unlike other N-O supplements and pharmacological interventions, PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator is the first product to contain a blend of natural ingredients, proven to produce N-O through all the body’s systems known to produce Nitric Oxide. While PRIME does make efficient use of the L-arginine pathway with efficacious doses of L-citrulline (which converts to L-arginine to Nitric Oxide), PRIME employs much more efficient and effective pathways for generating Nitric Oxide.

Qivana partnered with leading Nitric Oxide researchers to investigate and quantify the N-O potential in hundreds of botanical ingredients and desiccated food products to determine which compounds contained the ideal amounts of Nitric Oxide precursors. PRIME contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that optimize endogenous Nitric Oxide production. Because natural Nitric Oxide production decreases with age, this blend of ingredients has a unique ability to replace N-O and restore balanced levels of the signaling molecule.

Most other Nitric Oxide supplements make use of the synthesis of N-O as an intermediate during the conversion of L-arginine to nitrite. This pathway is highly inefficient and requires mega-doses of L-arginine daily (10-30 grams) to have an impact on N-O production. While there is no doubt Nitric Oxide can be affected by L-arginine supplementation, studies show that less than 3% of L-arginine is actually converted into Nitric Oxide. Additionally, this N-O production pathway depends on the action of NOS enzymes as well as six cofactors.

In clinical trials, supplementation of L-arginine has consistently failed to optimize N-O levels and improve cardiovascular functioning. PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator is unique in that it targets the conversion of nitrate and nitrite to N-O.

Converting nitrite to Nitric Oxide requires considerably less energy than the L-arginine pathway of N-O production. This makes PRIME an ideal N-O supplement, providing precursors to Nitric Oxide and allowing the body to sustain balanced levels of the molecule.

PRIME also differs from other supplements on the market because it includes a compound that improves the reaction that converts nitrite to Nitric Oxide. This reaction depends on a class of nitrite reductase enzymes. By including a compound with excellent nitrite reductase activity, PRIME simultaneously boosts nitrite availability and stimulates conversion of nitrite to Nitric Oxide. This blend of ingredients increases the efficiency of N-O synthesis and promotes the sustained production of the messenger molecule.

One primary reason that PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator improves efficiency of N-O production is the inclusion of oral probiotics in the supplement. With each PRIME dose containing 30 milligrams of ProBiora3® Nitric Oxide Probiotic Blend, the supplement populates the mouth and gastrointestinal system with three probiotic bacterial strains: S. oralis, S. uberis and S. rattus.

These bacteria have been shown to enhance the conversion of nitrate into nitrite, significantly increasing nitrite availability. This probiotic blend allows the body to build up a reserve of nitrate and nitrite levels, making N-O precursor molecules constantly available for use.





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"The discovery of Nitric Oxide is one of the most important in the history of cardiovascular medicine" ~ President of the American Heart Association

"Nitric Oxide is the body's way of protecting against cardiovascular disease" ~ UCLA Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

"Any risk factor for cardiovascular disease is associated with loss of Nitric Oxide." ~ Mayo Clinic Research

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PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator contains L-citrulline, which converts to L-arginine in the body. Researchers have suggested and reported that L-arginine made from L-citrulline is much more effective at raising NO levels than taking L-arginine directly.
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