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Blood Vessels and Aging

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The cardiovascular system becomes more susceptible to diseases like high blood pressure and atherosclerosis

Stretched end-to-end, the arteries, veins, and other vessels of the human circulatory system would measure about 60,000 miles. On any given day, the heart pumps about 1,800 gallons of blood through this vast network. In an average lifetime, the heart pumps approximately one million barrels of blood—enough to fill more than 3 supertankers—through the circulatory system.

No doubt about it, the heart and arteries are remarkable. But as we age, the cardiovascular system becomes more susceptible to diseases including high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Nearly 40 percent of all deaths among those 65 and older can be attributed to heart problems. By age 80, men are nine times more likely to die of chronic heart failure than they were at age 50. Among women, this risk increases 11-fold over the same time period.


The heart pumps blood to receive oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide

The heart has two sides. The right side pumps blood to the lungs to receive oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. The left side pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body.

Blood flows out of the heart through arteries, which branch out and get smaller and smaller as they go into the tissues. In the tissues, they become tiny capillaries.

Capillaries are where the blood gives up oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and receives carbon dioxide and wastes back from the tissues. Then, the vessels begin to collect together into larger and larger veins, which return blood to the heart.


Hypertension (high blood pressure) and atherosclerosis

Certainly, poor lifestyle—smoking, little or no regular exercise, a diet laden with fat, cholesterol, and sodium—contribute to the development of these cardiovascular disorders. But it is becoming more apparent that like the heart, blood vessels undergo changes with advancing age, and these changes, including arterial stiffening and thickening, are major risk factors for these diseases.

These changes create an environment that promotes arterial stiffening, which contributes to development of hypertension (high blood pressure). At the same time, age-related changes also make it easier for fatty deposits to build up on the inside of arteries. This accumulation, part of a process known as atherosclerosis, can accelerate the aging of the arteries, which, in turn, leads to further fatty build up and narrowing of the vessel.

In essence, aging arteries form an alliance with risk factors for atherosclerosis, hypertension, and other precursors of heart disease and stroke to profoundly elevate the risk of developing these conditions. However, as scientists learn more about the changes that occur in aging blood vessels, they are making some key discoveries.


Slow the aging of the blood vessels

But investigators also now know that several of these changes, such as arterial stiffening and thickening, don't occur to the same extent in all people. In fact, studies strongly suggest that exercise, good nutrition, and emerging drug therapies can slow the aging of the blood vessels, even among people who are genetically at risk. These interventions could delay or prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases in many older people.

We're moving into an era when it will be imperative to find out what your blood vessels are like before clinical disease sets in so that, if necessary, appropriate measures can be taken to keep your cardiovascular system as healthy as possible," Dr. Lakatta says.

To picture how these and other changes influence cardiovascular health, imagine an animated computer graphic of the arteries at, say, age 25, when the walls are still fairly smooth, slick, and compliant. As the heart contracts, the aortic valve opens and blood is pumped into the aorta, the largest artery in the body, and flows up toward the neck, where the carotid artery branches off to take blood to the head and brain, and then down toward the rest of the body.


Arteries, including the aorta, grow stiffer and dilate

Now, add 50 years to this picture. The arteries, including the aorta, grow stiffer and dilate; their walls become thicker, their diameter larger. As a result, the stiffer vessels no longer expand and contract as much as they once did with each heart beat. Eventually, the opposition to the flow of blood by the stiffer aorta walls increases significantly.

As the walls of the large arteries become stiffer, diastolic blood pressure tends to drop and systolic blood pressure rises. The difference between these two numbers is called pulse pressure. High pulse pressure—greater than 60 millimeters of mercury—is associated with greater thickening and stiffening of arterial walls. In turn, arterial stiffening and thickening contribute to increased pulse pressure. Many studies have found that elevated pulse pressure is also an important risk factor for stroke and heart attack.

This condition, called systolic hypertension, is so common that a person age 55 or older has about a 65 percent chance of developing it.


Love your Heart! Ways to prevent heart disease by using exercise, less salt, more fruits and vegetables, omega-3’s, Nitric Oxide Activators and Ntric Oxide Instant Indicators



Exercise is an effective intervention for treating hypertension and arterial stiffness. Continuous and interval exercise training were beneficial for blood pressure control, but only interval training reduced arterial stiffness in treated hypertensive subjects. National Center for Biotechnology Information


Additionally, excessive sodium impairs endothelial function (the protective lining within the artery) by reducing the production of nitric oxide, diminishing nitric oxide bioavailability and by stimulating nitric oxide synthase inhibitor (asymmetrical dimethylarginine) and enhancing NADPH oxidase: troublesome free radical cell activity. into-the-heart

Fruits and Vegetables

You can drink to good heart health when you include cranberry juice in your diet, according to new research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Investigators found that cranberry juice improves arterial stiffness, which is an important measure of vascular function related to cardiovascular health.

Barley Leaf as an Artery Protector According to one 2002 study from China Medical College, aichung, Taiwan barley leaf essence helps prevent cardiovascular disease where the hardening of the arteries is a contributing factor. The research looked at rabbits and found those that were fed a food mixture containing barley leaf extract had lower levels of cholesterol and less build-up of artery plaque.


A meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that omega-3‘s may influence heart health by reducing stiffness of the arteries. nutritionaloutlook

Nitric Oxide (NO) Activators

The new Qivana PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator is a cutting-edge nutritional supplement, with nearly a decade of research investment. It is scientifically designed with a completely unique and improved method for restoring Nitric Oxide back to optimal levels in adult men and women.

Nitric Oxide is a gaseous molecule that plays a critical role in cell signaling, and has serious consequences on the health of the cardiovascular system and many other physiological processes. It’s documented that the human body produces less Nitric Oxide with age; a typical 40-year old adult creates approximately 50 percent less Nitric Oxide than a healthy 20-year-old.

Scientific evidence suggests that increasing Nitric Oxide production may improve cardiovascular health by facilitating highly specific circulatory system processes, including vasodilation. The PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator contains several Nitric Oxide precursors, oral probiotics and other phytochemicals designed to improve and optimize endogenous Nitric Oxide production.

PRIME also comes with a novel Instant Indicator that gives accurate measurements of total body Nitric Oxide availability based on a saliva sample. PRIME provides the tools needed to improve cardiovascular health and overall well being. Prime Nitric Oxide Activator

Nitric Oxide Instant Indicators

The PRIME Instant Indicator provides a method to track current Nitric Oxide levels. This at-home test allows real-time tracking of Nitric Oxide production before and after using the PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator. If your levels are low, you need to increase your levels by one of the above methods. If you are over 40, it is likely that your Nitric Oxide levels are low

How does the Nitric Oxide Instant Indicator work?

The NO Instant Indicator measures the total Nitric Oxide available in the body by assessing NO levels in a saliva sample. The test pad changes color depending on the amount of available Nitric Oxide in the sample. Comparing the test pad color to the provided NO color chart gives an accurate assessment of Nitric Oxide levels.

Most other Nitric Oxide supplements do not provide a method for measuring current Nitric Oxide levels. The Instant Indicator gives a baseline measurement of NO levels before taking the product. Track Nitric Oxide levels before PRIME supplement use, shortly after taking the product, and later in the day gives an accurate measurement of fluctuations in Nitric Oxide levels over time.

"A man is as old as his arteries."
Thomas Sydenham, MD, English Physician, 1624-1689

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"The discovery of Nitric Oxide is one of the most important in the history of cardiovascular medicine" ~ President of the American Heart Association

"Nitric Oxide is the body's way of protecting against cardiovascular disease" ~ UCLA Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

"Any risk factor for cardiovascular disease is associated with loss of Nitric Oxide." ~ Mayo Clinic Research

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