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Qivana network marketing

Scott Cook's profession occupation is currently in regulatory compliance for the pharmaceutical industry and has been for 15 years. His wife, Darcy, began discussing Qivana network marketing with him, and his very first question was, “Is this multilevel marketing?”

His response was natural since, as he discusses, "My whole professional livelihood has actually been concentrated on biopharmaceuticals and I am on the board for the Society of Quality Assurance. I needed to think about my reputation. I needed to do my research and my due diligence before I became involved in a nutraceutical company.

Scott routinely audits centers to guarantee they are certified with the FDA policies and he has actually seen some quite intriguing things. He was serious in wanting to stay out of Darcy's new interest, but Darcy's perseverance paid off when Scott eventually agreed that he would consider researching Qivana.


Qivana's clinical trials details

“I had conversations with both Justin Banner and Derek Hall. Both of them invested time with me going over the quality systems that they have put in place at Qivana. They wanted to ensure a safe, high quality and reliable product for our customers.

I additionally looked at the clinical trials details and was able to decide that from an product viewpoint, every procedure was dealt very professionally and handled thoroughly. They absolutely put scientific R&D behind each of their products prior to penetrating the market" Scott states.

“All of this research gave me assurance and confidence which encouraged me to move ahead. Then I began analyzing the business model and my realizations were simply, ‘Wow!’”


Physical therapy treatment and chiropractic practices

Scott invested a lot of time looking into Qivana for one major reason. He states, "It's vital for me to believe in the product and in the organization. Now I have a firm personal belief in both. If you don’t believe, no one else will believe".

Scott and Darcy decided to make Qivana an emphasis in their life so they took Brian Ravenelle as a partner, he is a buddy and business owner. Brian and Darcy use the same business coach, John Alexandrov, who was involved in assisting them start their companies. “John is currently working with the Gold Medal Champions, which develops extraordinary teamwork. We all trust that developing leaders, applying extensive training, and making use of the tools developed by Qivana will generate excitement in our group," he says.

Scott’s concept in establishing a team was explicitly business. “I wasn’t looking for product users, I was pursuing professional business individuals,” he says. Scott talked with two of his colleagues, Mark Powicki and Keith Cabeceiras and demonstrated the business model and both of them signed up. Keith owns a physical therapy treatment and chiropractic practices, and Mark is a MD in physical therapy, so as Scott describes, the company exploded as they worked together as a team.


When you work together in Qivana, everyone benefits

Scott and Darcy’s group briskly expanded with two additional members, Michael Kimble, chief executive of an electrochemical engineering firm, and Diane Gray, an acknowledged professional in the airline industry.

“Our communication was simple. We need to find four additional people, just like you who you like, know, and trust. Altogether, we will cultivate your businesses.”

Scott and Darcy’s teamwork instantly paid off when they became a Platinum Star in only 3 weeks! The Cooks’ are quick to give credit to his group members. "The more you work together in Qivana, the more everybody benefits.


Personal knowledge of their Qivana products

Achieving as a team accords you favorable circumstances to learn about the business, the company, the successes of others, and to learn just how they have done it so that you can replicate their success. My goal is to supply everyone the foundation they need to attain their goals. Darcy is all about the return on financial investment and Brian is the networker.".

Success for the Cooks’ is composed of their personal knowledge of their products. “I love working out and keeping in shape, and I’ve always purchased supplements, so I was very interested in the Qivana’s Qore System. When I began using the Qore System, I’ve observed I have more energy during the day and I think the Qore products are very impressive and synergistic with the Metaboliq products,” he says. In only one month, he lost 15 pounds and Darcy has lost seven pounds and 3 ½ inches in her waist and hips! “We both had abundant natural benefits and I soon became aware I had the responsibility to assist all those below me be successful as well,” he adds.

Scott is driven to assist others in gaining financial success and health benefits through Qivana. He is determined by a new sense of aspiration he sees in those who become involved in Qivana. “They are inspired about their future. Qivana creates an exhilarating sense of hope because it is helping individuals to do what they want to do. To be a part of this and affect other peoples’ lives in positive ways is simply phenomenal!”


Secrets to Success in Qivana

1. Believe and believe

2. Make this business a priority

3. Find a partner

4. Know your Qivana products

5. Have fun!




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